Our Plot & Land Monitoring Services Include:

Plot & Land Monitoring

Verification and Valuation of the Plot

Plot & Land Monitoring

Obtaining Encumbrance Certificate and Other Documents

- Visit the plot to ensure that there is no encroachment and the land is safe from external threat.
- Create a report indicating the status and valuation of the plot, if there is no encroachment or misuse.
- Upload pictures of the property and reports to customer account in the portal for viewing.

- Obtain EC – the registry document – that establishes title ownership for the property.
- Validate history of the title and verify if any registered mortgage or lien is prevailing on the property.
- Obtain relevant revenue documents from the revenue authorities for the property.

Plot & Land Monitoring

Payment of Vacant Land Tax

Plot & Land Monitoring

Periodic Property Visits

- Pay property tax dues regularly without any lapse and comply statutory requirements.
- Find if any arrears exist with respect to property tax and clear them legally. - Upload tax receipts in the portal for reference and records.

- Supervise thorough cleaning of plot or site when needed.
- Upload photos of the work before and after completion to the portal. Labour fees will billed as actuals.

Plot & Land Monitoring

Plot or Site Cleaning

Plot & Land Monitoring

Fencing or Compounding Boundaries


- Request for maintenance work by tenant or owner, through our portal or via a phone call would entail a visit to the property to assess the required work.
- All issues will be worked through a ticketing system provided by our online portal; while, highly emergent and low-cost issues logged by a tenant will be opened and fixed immediately without the owner approval, all other requests will await an owner’s approval.
- Please note every ticket raised for a property will notify the owner via email. All issues emergent or otherwise will be fixed by our team of contractors through our supervision.
- Once the fix is completed, all details of the fix in terms of costs, kind of fix will be housed in the portal.

- Review site and advise the need to construct a fence or compound.
- Undertake construction of the boundary under our supervision. Charges on this will be as per actuals + Our fee.
- Upload pictures to the portal.

Plot & Land Monitoring

Plot or Site Measurements

- With the growing cost of the land, as one knows that, its challenging and stressful to know that there are some mismatch of the Plot/Land area.
- We do help in Plot/Land measurements, and give a detail report like: Measurements as per the drawing/document and actual onsite Plot/Land measurements.

Plot/Land Monitoring Services for Blog Post

We believe that every piece of land, inherited or hard earned, is valuable. However, vacant land is susceptible to encroachment and other undesired actions. Our services ensure that a given plot is legally and physically safeguarded against these issues. We thereafter provide an online view of all documents and pictures of the property through our portal.

We offer Plot/Land monitoring services in Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Guntur & Vizag

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