Sell Villas Apartment - property Handling

Documentation and verification services to sell any property:


- Ensure the property has all the required documents to sell the property.
- Review the buyer credentials.
- Enquire the buyer source of income/occupation.
- Prepare agreement of sale.
- Register the agreement of sale.
- Ensure the advance payment is made officially.
- Hand over the property documents for buyer verification process.
- Prepare/Review the sale deed.
- Involve/Invite the concerned parties for registration.
- Get and review tax receipt and bills.
- Deal with different government departments for pre registration tasks
- Help in paying all necessary taxes/bills.
- Ensure all property leans are listed
- Obtain a no objection certificate and no dues letter from the society if the property belongs to a society.

Post Sale/Registration

- Handover the original title deeds (link documents) to the buyer.
- Help repurposing funds received from sale or transfer the funds to NRI customer’s accounts.
- Help in property tax services.


- Review the agreement of sale document.
- Ensure the buyer has enough funds before the time of registration.
- Ensure seller witness and his/her ID proofs are in place.
- Get the buyer witness and his/her ID proofs along with the buyer data.
- Ensure the original link documents are available for buyer review.
- Handover the property documents to buyer verification purpose.
- Coordinate the registration date with both buyer and seller.
- Review documents for missing entries, inadvertently misspelled or wrongly numbered data.
- Ensure all documentation is in place for registration.
- Take pictures of the property and ensure those are fixed in the new title deed at the time of registration.
- Help in survey of land, if the property is land, by both private and government bodies to get the right measure.
- Working with different government departments during the registration.
- Help in getting the amount of registration fee and also secure the demand draft, if required.
- Ensure the buyer mobilizes the funds before the registration date.
- Register the property.
- Help in funds transfer from the buyer to seller.

Property Selling the Services

Sellers often find themselves in a quandary unable to arrive at a proper price to sell their property. Our involvement makes the process to sell your property fluid and painless. Our dedicated consultants market evaluate and best price the property. We also help in preparing your property for the sale with our maintenance experts. Once a buyer has been found our documentation and verification services for sale come into play.

We have been involved in selling properties of different kinds such as apartments, individual homes, villas, plots/sites and agricultural land in Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Vizag and Guntur. Our recent sales listings include several properties in Mokila suburbs, just 20 minutes away, of the Financial District of Hyderabad

Property Handling
The Property Management Company

Endeavoring to be the best Property Management Services Company in Hyderabad and Vijayawada, Vizag and Guntur.We constantly strive to fit ourselves into our customers’ shoes and work on their behalf. Our other property services are Property Management, Tenant Management, Sell Property ,Money Repatration and Plot/Land Monitoring.

Other cities where we provide Selling The Property Services

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