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Property Management Services in Hyderabad

Property Management Services in Hyderabad

Rent Collection


Property Management Services in Hyderabad

Regular Property Inspections

-Rent Collection in Hyderabad is governed by the terms specified in the lease agreement, including due dates and payment methods.
-Property Owners and managers must adhere to local rental regulations to ensure legal and efficient rent collection processes in Hyderabad.

- Regular property inspections are important for maintaining the value and condition of your property in Hyderabad or anywhere else.
- While focusing on just two points may not provide a comprehensive inspection, you can prioritize the following key areas during your inspections:

Property Management Services in Hyderabad

Preparing Inventory

Renewal of Lease


- Creating an inventory of your belongings is essential for various reasons, including insurance purposes, moving, or keeping track of valuable items.
- While a comprehensive inventory should include detailed information about each item, here are two key points to

- When renewing a lease in Hyderabad, ensure to review and update the lease terms to reflect any changes accurately, - mutually agree on the renewed lease duration and rental terms.

Property Management Services in Hyderabad

Maintenance Assistance

BIll Payments Assistance


- Contact a licensed and reputable maintenance service provider in your area.
- Clearly communicate the specific maintenance needs and schedule for prompt and efficient service.

- Consider using online banking or mobile apps offered by local banks forconvenient bill payments.
- Explore digital payment platforms such as Google Pay or PhonePe to settle bills securely and efficiently.

End to End Property ManagementProperty ManagementRental Management
Assign Property Manager
Site inspection by Property Manger
Take pictures of the property
Listing property in multiple channels
Connect with prospective tenants and facilitate site inspection
Background verification of the tenant *
Prepare Lease agreement
Collection of Security deposit & First month rent
Facilitate tenant Move-in / Move-out
Periodic property inspection (Up to 4 visits per year
House Keeping *
Repair & Maintenance *
Follow up for Maintenance payment, Electricity & Water bills (in case of Vacancy)
Free tenant search in case tenant vacating within first year
Property Management Fee7.5% of Annual Rent7.5% of Annual Rent
Tenant Finding Fee0.5 x One Month Rent1 x One Month Rent
# Tenant already available or Landowner keeps it vacant
*Additional charges will be applicable
*18% GST Extra Applicable
Note: Property Handling will start any of the above tasks, only after getting a signed document from the owner. *Company must work with several organizations, their fees and incidental expenses are extra, and company cannot determine the exact cost when the “Property Management” document is prepared. **Company shall receive execution fee @ 10% on expenses (plus GST) of the major renovations

Property Management Services in Hyderabad

Property management services in Hyderabad provide a range of essential services for property owners, whether they are local residents or living abroad. These services are designed to help property owners effectively manage their real estate investments and ensure that their properties are well-maintained and profitable. Here are three paragraphs outlining some of the key aspects of property management .

We offered a range of services such as tenant screening, rent collection, property maintenance, and legal compliance management. However, the best choice for you would depend on your specific needs, property type, and location, so I recommend researching the most recent reviews and conducting interviews to find the most suitable property management service in Hyderabad for your situation.


What Services Do Property Management Companies in Hyderabad Offer?

Property management companies in Hyderabad typically offer services such as tenant screening, rent collection, property maintenance, lease management, and legal compliance assistance

How Much Do Property Management Services in Hyderabad Cost?

The cost of property management services in Hyderabad typically ranges from 8% to 12% of the monthly rental income, but prices may vary based on the specific services and property size.

How Do Property Managers Handle Tenant Disputes or Evictions?

Property managers in Hyderabad handle tenant disputes or evictions by following legal procedures, which may involve issuing notices, mediation, and if necessary, filing eviction lawsuits in the appropriate local court.

Can Property Management Companies Help with Property Marketing and Vacancy Reduction?

Yes, property management companies in Hyderabad can assist with property marketing and vacancy reduction through advertising, staging, and actively seeking qualified tenants to minimize property downtime.